Monica is…always happy about a shopping trip.


It was my day off today and was really excited to head over to the Century City mall for a few hours and do some window shopping. I really miss shopping. When I had a decent paying job, eating, traveling, & shopping were my top things to do. I always think about it everyday, because these are great things to savor in life, although not having funds makes it nearly impossible to consistently do them. So for now just a stroll and maybe one tiny purchase (a supersoft marc by marc jacobs hoodie I snagged on sale!) will do. I usually come down to this mall simply for the Cusp boutique (Part of Neiman Marcus). Its truly a beautiful store with the perfect mix of high & low fashion, perfectly trimmed down to the best pieces from my favorite designers. Plus their sales are just amazing. I came in early so it was just me & two other people sifting through racks of fairly new spring stuff already marked down more than 50% off. It’s incredible how the recession has affected these specialty shops. I truly hope its not a casualty of this shitty economy because its a pretty special place.

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