Monica is…digesting marketing ploys.

I came across a few advertisements over the weekend, some marketing geniuses thought were mighty compelling:


Nothing says classy like a Looney Tunes character around your neck. It was in my boyfriend’s Playboy magazine featuring Seth Rogen. Need I say more?


I’m a little intrigued about this one, only because I have thick hair & I kinda hate dealing with it. Although I would hardly think a hair salon in a Korean strip mall would make a dream come true. A bag of money, yep…now that’s the kinda desparate stuff I dream about.


This one has a damn easel & a stupid poster for the simple. Granted this was from a “sale” that I attended with a friend & boyfriend at the LA Convention Center. It claimed “super low prices” on electronics. Needless to say we were duped, 20 bucks were sacrificed in the process. The crowds were atrocious. I feel ashamed, since we genuinely thought there were deals to be had. I needed a camera. I am a dumbass.

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