Monica is…trying to figure out why celebs still ski?


Jebus…she died…see people don’t ski!

There are all of these reports about Natasha Richardson’s ski accident on the web/news. The stupid New York Post even went as far as saying she was dead, but later retracted the news saying she was brain dead (actually brain swelling), which in my opinion wasn’t any better. The worst part was it was a ski lesson gone wrong, so basically she had never skied before! Maybe it’s just me, but why the hell would you put yourself in danger if your famous, after the Sonny Bono thing? I get skiing could be fun, adventurous & even beautiful, but if you break this down: you are balancing on a pair of skinny planks down an icy hill. It could be said that many things are dangerous, but this one perplexes me. Ugg, it’s just really dumb, celebs just hang out near the ski slope, get your pictures taken & stay safe!

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