Monica is…sick of dancing with the stars coverage.


I’m not really sure why or how this even happened but apparently America likes watching crap. I admit I watch stuff like Rock of Love or Charm School, only because it doesn’t go around masking itself as a “real show”. It’s trashy & lame, but you go in knowing this as you start to have feelings for these skanky chicks (which is why Daisy from Rock of Love is now getting a show). Now this Dancing with the Stars crap, why people? Why? It’s a “serious” thing with all of these “injuries”. (when this show first started, you hardly heard about stars getting hurt) It has an insane amount of ratings, celebrity c-listers at best, & the dancing is really fucking horrible. I watched this once trying to see what all the fuss was about, & was terribly dissapointed. Some of these celebrities butcher half of these traditional dances, which when done professionally looks amazing like the Rumba & the Tango, instead you get visual nausea from all of the legs & arms flailing & cheesy comentary from these half-wit judges. Is there no real news out there? I’m really tired of waking up to news, that Belinda Carlisle has been sent home. Who cares! When will reality shows be banned to cable? I think you should be forced to pay for the awful things you watch. I know I do, & I’m okay with that.

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