Gimme slow fast food…

On the same day I visit Swork coffee shop & did some window shopping, my hunger quickly grew for a real meal. Venturing down the street, the retro sign of The Oinkster stands out over the horizon. Andre Guerrero you’ve won my foodie heart. The place is a stylish “fastfood” establishment filled with a menu that makes your eyes glimmer with hungry hope & thankfully alcohol too. Naturally, I try “the oinkster pastrami sandwich”, deliciously filled with soft slabs of yummy goodness. OMG this thing is amazing, especially since I kinda hate pastrami. I enjoy this bundle of joy with crunchy “piggy fries”, reminiscent of the animal style fries found at In and Out, only much tastier. I am simply in a state of food bliss, that I quickly order another for my sister who would surely appreciate this devilish sandwich. So, this place will definitely warrant another visit & I can’t wait! The Oinkster • 2005 Colorado Blvd., Eagle Rock, CA

it was raining, but it didn’t stop me…

me & this sandwich fell in love…

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