untold la by jett loe…

when i tell people where i live, most pause & give me a half smile. Yes, i live in south la, yup that south la. “is it safe? aren’t there shootings all the time?” time after time, it’s those questions that constantly remind me about the stigma that was left behind from the riots & media smears, but the truth is there is something special that most will never understand. the west adams area although riddled with old wounds & faded stories is also a wonderland of magical history & where i have lived for more than 20 years. this area is my home, & like most la neighborhoods it’s not all shiny & new, but i can appreciate the architecture, the culture, & the streets. where else other than the south can you see this concentration of hundreds of unique homes; from wikipedia–“queen anne, shingle, gothic revival, transitional arts and crafts, american craftsman/ultimate bungalow, craftsman bungalow, colonial revival, renaissance revivalmediterranean revival, spanish colonial revival, mission revivalegyptian revival, beaux-arts and neoclassical styles”

so, when i heard about jett loe’s kickstarter project untold la (which has now been fully funded!) i grew with excitement that somebody had grown to love this place like many others & myself. i loved the idea of showcasing (in ipad form of course!) these history-rich neighborhoods, into something many generations will cherish & appreciate to come!  

my own shot of the “six feet under” house. i love walking near here…

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