Monica is…3 feet away from Bill Hader.


Well I was 3 feet away from him. I had the day off & decided to work on my fitness by taking a quick jog by my job. It’s amidst a residential area & thankfully its peaceful & safe enough to sweat out a few lbs. before summer hits. Afterwards, I felt energized & decided to have a sandwich at my favorite wine & spirits shop. As I emerged with my delicious sandwich (turkey on ciabatta sundried tomato spread balsamic & sweet olive oil), I was head on with Mr. Hader for a second I paused, he smiled & then went on his way. He was adorable in his little blue hoodie & sneakers. I was in sweat pants & “workout hair”. Not exactly the Bill Hader moment I’d pictured in my head. I was on a call with the boyfriend & I could only whisper that I had seen Bill Hader, then proceeded to call my best chum with my sighting. I rarely get excited, but he is quite entertaining. He gets snaps for not doing what stars usually do: smug doucheface, no eye contact, & speed stepping through the masses on the busy block. Before I happen to drive away, I see Mr. Hader walking through the Mc Mansions, alone & smiling. No doucheface.

Playing a human blur…Mr. Hader in blue…


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