Monica is…going to find orange cones.

blog-014Anybody who lives in an apartment knows the humbling pains of finding parking. On busy nights, the Asian church around the corner crowds the streets with cars, bumper to bumper. (lexus & hondas!) I circle the street a few times, give up & have to block the driveway. So with that being said, I wish I was as bold as the woman who guards this almighty parking spot. Everytime I come home from work without fail at about 6:48/6:50ish, I see her remove the cones & park. Isn’t this illegal? Quite frankly, I’m surprised a crackhead hasn’t taken these for bartering. Pretty ingenious, right?

2 thoughts on “Monica is…going to find orange cones.

  1. lilwallaby says:

    Oh dude that sucks and it is illegal. But at least your blocking your own driveway….we’ve had complete strangers, who are buying weed from our neighbor, block our drive way!!! I always have to go out there and talk shit….the audacity of some people!!

  2. Don says:

    I used to live near a synagogue, suffered the same trouble but often it was the visitors parking over my drive! And, apparently they shouldn’t have been driving anyway, but they would and they’d park near my place and then walk a couple of blocks so others didn’t know they’d driven. Sneaky!

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